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commercial. >> oh, please stop. make it stop. >> the smart side creates a killer web site for your small business represented by walter. together they are perfect. >> you know what eric said, it was fine until that last close in shot. he didn't want his kids to see that. there was tongue. >> stop it, bob. >> never going to watch the show again. >> my mother is not going to watch this show again. >> why, just because you saw that tongue thing? >> we don't need to see that 6 times. >> this is the new generation. seth rouge and jonah hill the nerds have risen up. what about the paris hilton
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video. >> i don't like to watch pda close-up. or period i don't like to watch it. >> saturday morning 11:30 central. we call out washington. that's it. >> kitty over flacco sunday. right, bob? >> harbaugh. both of you. >> eric has been on the air for 20 hours today so far. >> see you monday. ready? >> hill kwloefr one. i am heather cheryleds in for ar they will neville. brand n brand new hour. >> deadly terror attack on the embassy in turkey. the name of the homicide bomber
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and links to an outlawed extremist group now coming to life. >> a possible turning point in the nuclear crisis with iran. vice president biden saying the u.s. is willing to go one-on-one by talking directly with tehran. a new report shows americans are feeling the economic squeeze. they are supporting their adult children while also taking care of their aging parents. we will tell you about the growing ranks of the so-called sandwich generation. they are caught in the middle during these tough times. that's straight ahead. >> we have taught this new hour with a fox news lart. rescue efforts to save a little boy held hostage in an under ground punker in alabama. these efforts are dragging into a 5th straight night. earlier today a spokesperson saying negotiators have been in quote constant communication with the suspect and he's allowing authorities to send over items like blankets and electric heater.
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he is showing no signs of giving himself up. jonathan is live in midland, alabama. what do we know about the little boy's condition? >> what we know about that little boy is based on communications authorities are having with the suspect through that pvc pipe that provide ventilation from the surface down to that under ground bunker. the suspect jimmy lee dykes 65-year-old vietnam veteran has reportedly assured police that the boy has a heater down there keeping the bunker warm. dykes has also allowed police to lower the boy's medicine down the pipe along with coloring books and toys. rick? >> unbelievable. i understand there is a funeral for the school bus driver who was shot and killed at the beginning of all of this. >> that's right. there's been a ground swell of support within this community. community rallying behind the family of bus driver charles poland, jr. he is the driver who witnesses say tried to resist the gunman who came on the
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school bus demanding hostages and in the process side. it is being held at the civic center there will be a very large crowd. other school bus drivers and towns plan to drive their buses to the funeral and a big caravan as a show of support for their fallen co-worker. >> this drags on to a 5th straight night. >> another fox news lart. police in turkey say they have found the body of a new york city mother of two. she disappeared while on vacation nearly two weeks ago. now investigators trying to get some answers for her grieving family. molly has the latest on this story from our new york city newsroom. do we know how she died? >> the new york mother of two was stabbed. her body found in istanbul. 11 people have been taken into
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custody but it is unclear if they are witnesses or suspects in this case. the news agency also reporting she suffered a head wound and was wearing jeans a jumper and a jacket and still had her jewelry when she was found. the 33-year-old staten island resident's driver's license was also found on or near her body. that helped authorities to identify her. her husband and brother traveled to istanbul to aid in the search. she had been missing since january 21st the day before she was due to fly home. >> there are reports that she may have plans to meet with someone there in the city. >> turkish media reports say she had made contact with a man in turkey via the internet identified only as paylen. she wanted to meet i up with hi before heading home. she planned to rendezvous at the historic bridge in the city she wanted to photograph close to the time she wanted to vanish. turkish authorities questioned
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this man and released him early in the week. authorities looked at all of the surveillance video trying to track the sfienls. some international reports are out there that her phone may have been used several times in the days following her disappearance. sierra also made side trips during her two weeks abroad hitting germany and the netherlands. a friend canceled at the last minute. she was a budding photographer and decided to go on this trip anyway. it was supposed to be a once in a lifetime adventure. >> molly line reporting live for us. >> also in turkey police using dna to identify the bomber who attacked the u.s. embassy in anchorage yesterday. he put tnt on his body and killing himself along with the turkish security guard. he spent several days in jail on terror charges but released because he was terminally ill. he left the country but
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authorities say he snuck back in using a fake id. members of a far left group say the bomber carried out the attack against america on their behalf. >> vice president biden says that the u.s. is open to direct nuclear talks with iran. the surprising comments coming at a security conference in germany. but he says the president ahmadinejad and other iranian leaders must meet certain conditions. molly henneberg is live in washington. what are the conditions? >> heather especially that the iranian leaders take this seriously and come to the table ready to talk about that nation's controversial nuclear program. the vice president says the u.s. made it clear to the iraniansus are an option. >> that offer stands but it must be real and tangible and there has to be an agenda that they are prepared to speak to. we are not just prepared to do it for the exercise.
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>> discussions between iran and five mepermanent members of the security council including the u.s. have not done much to stem iran's nuclear developments. >> how likely is this to happen? >> the vp said that depends on the iranians. but thus far iran has not been willing to sit down with the clinton, bush or obama administration. iran recently announced it will add new machines to speed up the ability to enrich uranium. mahmoud ahmadinejad says iran's program is for civilian purposes. but the u.s. and other nations believe iran is trying to build a nuclear weapons arsenal. one fox military analyst says the offer for bilateral talks probably won't go anywhere. >> probably just a signal to let the europeans think we are trying. it is a feel good thing but it's not going to happen. let's be realistic about it. i think we have to start moving out and taking covert measures,
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not overt. covert measures with others to ensure that they do not get nuclear weapons. >> general mcinerney says they are stalling to develop more weapons. the vice president's gesture may be falling on deaf ears as they unveil their new warplane. the plane called the dominant 313 is made in iran. according to the nation's military it combines a speed of a fighter jet with the firepower of a bomber and can evade radar but none of the planes can be confirmed. >> molly henneberg, we have a couple of mollies on tap today. molly line, molly henneberg. that was henneberg from washington. spring should be coming early this year, at least according to the most famous groundhog
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punxsutawney phil who did not see his shadow, rick, this morning. >> we like that. >> did you see yours? >> i saw mine. >> if the groundhog sees his shadow 6 more weeks of winter is on the way but if he doesn't spring will come early. adrien green from accu-weather. hello? >> punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow which does mean an early spring. his track record not the greatest. according to the predictions they have only been correct 39 percent of the time. if you remember last year we had 6 more weeks of winter expected but we had the record warmest march. we have wintery weather across the plains. still falling from grand ports down into the sue falls area.
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big time problem for the folks in north dakota. there are treacherous driving conditions there. back into the northeast that is where a different clipper system is making its way through and that continued to bring in light snow from south bend toward cleveland even into the pittsburgh area. seeing it stretch into the appalachians. we can see tough travel. accumulation on the light side. mostly an inch or two. it will slickin up the road ways. temperatures very, very chilly right now once you factor in the winds. only in the teens from burlington down to 20 degrees is what it feels like in new york city. back over to you. >> we will see what happens in the weeks ahead. >> we are getting brand new video out of a protest at an elementary school in west
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philadelphia. parents are upset over the abduction of a 5-year-old girl earlier this month. they are wondering how a child could simply be snatched from a school without any one stopping it. we will talk about that. the alarming abduction caught on surveillance tape. the girl taken by a woman dressed in muslim style garb. luckily the little girl was found abandoned at a playground. authorities think she was targeted and abused while she was held by that woman and two other men. the police do not know who the abductors are and a massive manhunt is underway for the abductors. a new warning for twitter users. i know you are on twitter. i am, too. we will have a warning about that. >> we will talk about why you may be seeing suspicious activity on your account. >> also the fight against islamist militants in mali. what the french president had to say about touching down in the war torn country.
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>> the president of france visiting timbuktu after they freed from radical islamist. vowing to liberate the rest of northern mali as well. >> the u.s. government is sending medical supplies to brazil. more than 100 people are still in the hospital following this week's devastating nightclub fire that killed more than 230 people. >> social media giant twitter warning hackers may have gained access to information of a quarter of a million users. it is another company to fell victim to a siesh attack. >> new questions about secretary of defense nominee chuck hagel's performance during his confirmation hearing. the white house says hagel did a fine job in the face of gracive questioning but critics say the nebraska senator came off as ill
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prepared unable to deflect criticism about his record. look at this heated exchange between hagel and john mccain. >> will you answer the question. will you correct or inkofshth when you said the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since svietnam. were you correct or incorrect? yes or no. >> my service di-- >> are you going to answer the question? the question is were you right or wrong? i would like to answer whether you were right or wrong and then you are free to elaborate. >> well, i am not going to give you a yes or no answer. >> let the record show he refused to answer the question. >> he is the former chair of al gore's president committee in michigan. campaign consultant and national political correspondent for talk
3:19 pm
radio news service. thank you for joining us. >> ill prepared or overly aggressive questioning? >> overly aggressive questioning by a senator offending more and more people. an example of what is wrong in this country. kinds of personal attacks we are doing on people in both parties at times when we get to do public service. senator hagel came to the hearing will be a good secretary of defense and senator mccain rehashing his presidential campaign over disagreements with the president. >> why couldn't he answer gentlemen or no? >> twouldn't it be nice in life if everything in life was a yes or no. all of us agree we disagree. there are disagreements between the two parties about whether we
3:20 pm
should be at war in iraq. the president said he was going to end it. why would so much time spent talking about that and not more about what future problems are going to be. it was lis miss steps. senator hagel said this i support the president's strong support on containment which were his words. then led to this clarification. >> i have been handed a note that i misspoke and said i supported the president's position on containment. if i said that i meant to say his position on containment, we don't have a position on containment. i recognize i have had more attention paid to my words the last 8 weeks than i ever thought
3:21 pm
possible. i don't take any chances. >> thank you. >> even still tony. his clarification needed then to be further clarified a little later. what do you think about that? >> he doesn't even share the president's review in iran in terms of sanction. this is a senator who was one of a handful in the past who posed sanctions on iran. even the united nations and european union bassians of hawk policy as well. i think he obviously had big problems iran israel and iraq were the big three eye that is walked in. the other three eyes added competence and incoherence and consistency. his testimony was so bad you had it panned on pbs. new york times "washington post". senator mckaskill in trying to defend him said weflz better at asking questions than answering them. he was a senator of some kind. we are asking him to be the department of defense to be the architect of our defense
3:22 pm
strategy. if he can't handle tough questions from senators how is he going to handle a crisis. i disagree with my colleague debbie dingell. the fact that he was incapable of answering them says a lot about his ability and capacity to do the job. >> i am unclear on what i theys the responsibility will be senator hagel should he pass these confirmation hearings and be confirmed as secretary of defense. he went on to say in these hours of testimony i think it was 8 in all. he said i won't be in a policy making position. then he went on to say it doesn't matter what i think. as secretary of defense if he is confirmed does he matter what he thinks? >> i agree he never thought his words possible parsed so much so. that's what we do to anybody who sticks their hands up and saying i blaef in serving my country
3:23 pm
which chuck hagel has done in more than one way he fought for it defended it and still willing to go into this job. he will be working with the president of the united states. he recognizes the president is the commander-in-chief. i think he was trying to be respectful of that reporting role. he knows he will be an important inner circle advisor to the president. he knows what 'tis job will be as secretary of defense. protecting all americans. >> the number of gop senators voicing their opposition that's increased thursday and friday. the white house maintain as long as there's no attempt to filibuster his nomination nebraska republicans will secure the 50 votes needed for confirmation in the republican led senate. is the confirmation in jeopardy? >> i think republicans know mathematically his nomination is in good shape. unless something drastic changes
3:24 pm
we won't not see it come to fruition. i thought it would answer them in a way that was edifying to the public to the senate and the fact that he was likely to be confirmed something more palatable. his confirmation process raised so many more questions than answered. the senator brought up an al-jazeera interview which mr. hagel almost seemed to admit america was a national international bully agreed with a questioner who had the position. he asked mr. hagel than criticized for saying the jewish lobby had an outside influence. he said who has made a bad decision whose kind of disagreemen disagreements were made based on the jewish lobby. >> they may not have taken for granted that he wasn't going to be confirmed.
3:25 pm
cruz says i shouldn't bull out elements which cruz has promised to do on the web site. >> i have listened to the whole interview. it won't make senator hagel look good. >> everybody knows the economy has gone through a tough time. now middle aged couples are starting to feel the pinch and we will tell you why. that's straight ahead. new orleans is getting ready for tomorrow's big game. but you know what? it's also mardi gras time. you might recognize their intricate costumes. who are the mardi gras indians? we will introduce you. >> can't wait. the capital one cashgives you 1% cash b,
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>> netanyahu has 6 weeks to make the changes before he can begin his third term. >> one day before the super bowl giants coach bill parcel has been elected to the pro football hall of fame. so has chris carter. warren sapp offensive lineman jonathan ogden making that prestigious list. >> meantime all eyes are on new orleans with the super bowl taking place there tomorrow.
3:31 pm
if you are like a lot of people you are going down for the festivities not just the football, take some time to soak in or soak up some of new orleans' culture. ar they will neville is back in her home town this weekend taking an insider's look at the mardi gras indian. >> mardi gras indians have a long storied tradition in new orleans. >> i will never be there. never. it's too time consuming and too expensive. >> silvester francis may not want to be an indian but as founder of the back street cultural museum he's keeping their history alive by displaying suits donated to him since 1999. >> the word got out i am opening this people start calling me. go get my suit. go get my suit. i couldn't believe it. >> the montana family stirred at the tradition of the mardi gras indians with the tradition of
3:32 pm
the yellow poke hantis tribe. blacks weren't allowed to participate in the mardi gras festiviti festivities. >> on mardi gras day rival tribes competed against each other. they boasted and showed off their elaborate suits. the goal to look the prettiest which allows you bragging rights through out the year. >> when you look at him's prettier than you, you are not going to tell him. he's prettier than you. you are going to go oh, yeah, now you got to make sure next year you got it. >> how many hours does it take to s to so one suit? >> hours will be hard but you want to be it you got to sew. start with a patch or cardboard then you start beading it or sewing it. you go from there all of the way to making a suit. >> give us an idea of how much money they put into these suits?
3:33 pm
>> 6, 7, 8, 9,000 dollars. >> how do you think it feels to have their suits in your museum? >> it's a big honor and responsibility. >> a responsibility francis says is his crown. in new orleans ar they will neville, fox news. if you would like to see the mardi gras indian costumes in person it will cost you $8 to get into the back street museum open 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. monday through saturday. you can log on to back street >> thank you, heather. a new demographic on the rise in these tough economic times they are called the sandwich generation. they are parents giving financial support to their adult children be they minors or young adults out of school having a hard time finding a job while also caring for their aging parents. a new report finds their ranks are growing. in 2005, 20 percent of all middle aged parents were the
3:34 pm
primary source of financial support for a grown child. today that number 27 percent. a number of those caring for a parent 65 and older is also rising as people live longer. joining us live al kaplan is ceo and founding partner of ceo management. >> this is an important subject and one that is relevant to so many people out there because of the tough economic times and adult children who are not able to find good work. >> definitely. about half of all adults in their 40z and 50s are affected by this. they have what we call full nests and empty wallets. they have children who have moved back home after college and have a lot of debt and their own financial need and then they have aging parents who are now looking back and saying, hey, can you help me? >> this is really tough, because any parent would want to help a child of theirs in need even though they are surging them to
3:35 pm
get on with their lives. at the same time you don't want to see your own mom and dad when they get in the twilight of their lives be in a tough situation. what do you do? >> of course. you have to really apply the simple theory that we see ever triem we are on an airplane where you put your mocoxygen ma on yourself before you help others. the folks in this sandwich generation need to do that. they need to make sure they are taking care of baseline financial needs for themselves so they can empower their family members. there are really a number of things they should and shouldn't be doing. you really shouldn't ever dip into your retirement assets to take care of current financial needs. instead you have to have a road map. we wouldn't get in a car and say i hope ind up at my destination. we would carefully map it out and plan. your finances are no different. you need to carefully come up with a retirement kscenario.
3:36 pm
you stress test that retirement scenario to take into account wild card things like your children needing your financial support for longer than you would anticipate or parents calling on you for longer and with more financial need than you would anticipate. your financial plan is something that should be revisited every year. it's something the sandwich generation can do. there are owe things they can do with their parents and their children. >> you are planning for the ven duality. you are working this into your over all plan you are saying i i have got to realize there's a good possibility my kids are going to need help and my aging parents are going to need help and let's take care of that as we put together a game plan. that makes good sense. although it's a lot. you are talking about your own financial needs they are living their own lives as you develop the wealth and help those that they love.
3:37 pm
>> you have to take into account a number of factors. that's why you need a careful plan and to map this out to get you from point a it point b. these do thing as they go along. >> because we have a minute or so left this is where financial advisors and planners become psycho they'rrapists and family counselors. what should a mom or dad say let's start off with the kids who are graduating or from graduated from college and they are waiting for their dream job they haven't been able to find it yet. what do you do? >> with that i am a big fan of tough love while the child is looking for the dream job they can still work even if it means temping, baby-sitting, waiting tables. well over a decade ago when i came to new york to look for a job on wall street that's what i did. >> it is a retail job that may
3:38 pm
not be your dream job but it will help. >> gives the the child a personality. >> with elder mriem they often have let's say fragile health and with them i recommend that the sandwich generation really get involved so they get to know their parent's financial situation. they can make themselves feel better and parents feel empowered by helping them also create a plan. >> knotted so tough love go back to work mom. >> elle kaplan thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> heather? >> coming up date night coming back to capitol him. a state of the aun on address they tried this before. will those warm fuzzy feelings
3:39 pm
actually reduce partisanship? >> plus they make getting into shape simple don't they? infomercials trying to get you to buy the exercise equipment? will they help you get fit and trim. consumers reports has that.
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>> hoping to silence his critics the white house released this. it's a photo of president obama firing a rifle. the picture taken at camp david proof that the president is not anti gun. president obama faced mounting criticism since announcing the plan to over hall the gun laws
3:44 pm
following the newtown shooting. the president expect to do discuss part of that plan during president's state of the monday. union address will be approaching. members of congress will be showing up or date night as they call it. sitting side by side rather than on their respective sides of the aisle there the two senators from florida one democrat one republican. law americas did this in the weeks after the 2011 tucson shooting that involved former congresswoman gabby gifford. does it really matter? what some members do to make nice with their own party. director of law and political signs at university of southern california. fox news contributor. good to see you, susan. >> what do you think of this date night? >> i am all for dates. i am a single girl. if it were going to work i think it might have worked last year or the year before. i think it's very nice for symbolism. the real issue is republicans
3:45 pm
get along with each other not whether they can get along with democrats. >> i wanted to ask you about that, bipartisanship, how about intra partisanship. the republican party is at a point where they are having a hard time coming together and coming up with a unifying message whether it comes to the debt ceiling, whether it comes to chuck hagel or immigration reform. what do you think about all of that? >> well, it's funny. i am an old democrat as they say. so i remember the days when the republicans were all united. we democrats would get in a circle and start shooting inward. there was a sense in which everything has changed in the opposite way. you have got a very united democratic party standing toe-to-toe with the president. and you have got republicans bitterly divided so the way you get majorities right now is the democrats pick off republicans and leave the rest of the republicans out in the cold. if i were republican i would not be very happy right now. >> you mentioned the democrats
3:46 pm
have been through periods like this in the past. then along came bill clinton, for example. he nudged the party toward the center. the democrats started winning some elections. do you think if you take a look at what's going on with republicans from your side of the aisle that maybe something like that is going to be necessary in order for the republican party to come together or like some have suggested including david brooks, the not so conservative but moderately conservative columnists that maybe the gop needs to split apart and become two different parties? >> the gop splitting apart and becoming two parties would be very good for democrats. the democrats would be together. i think we went through this thing in the democratic party you remember how many elections do we have to lose and how many times do we have to get our heads handed to us before we look to our left and right and say maybe we are doing something wrong here? i think the democratic party
3:47 pm
very clearly did move to the center for a while. i think the demographics have frankly changed in the direction of the democratic party which allows a fairly liberal guy like barack obama to become president. republicans have got to figure out a way to stop shooting their own. i think folks in the tea party movement you have to decide would you rather win as a group or would you rather lose on principal like they did with dick luger in indiana? >> i think there are a lot of republicans who i talk to some from the tea maert movement who say we don't need another democratic party in this country. we are conservatives and need to stand by our conservative principals no matter what otherwise everybody is going to look the same. isn't the country better served, susan if there are two distinctive parties so voters
3:48 pm
have a cheer choice when they go to the voting booth. >> we would say why do the democratic party look like a republican party? it is a grat strategy with a long history of losing. >> marco rubio is a leading voice on the issue of immigration which coming out of the election only a xhounlts ago seemed like a no brainer but can someone like marco rubio does he have the talent and strength and respect on the right to bring the party together on this issue? is there anybody else you see? >> if marco rubio can't do it i
3:49 pm
don't know if anybody can do it. what is likely to happen marco rubio will pull enough republicans with him to give a sol willed majority. it will be viewed as a victory by democrats an act of courage by rubio. but it will not become the win the republican party really needs to get here in order to be more open to hispanic voters and minority voters. >> susan he is trimming always good to talk to you. you can read her syndicated columns every wednesday and friday. >> i am over here attempting to work out. i going to fall. if you recognize the products they are from infomercials. they promise big result sometimes little effort even smaller price tags.
3:50 pm
consumer products and us, this is difficult to balance. i want you to come over here and try this. we will have all of the results straight ahead. stay with us. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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>> infomercials promise the same workout you can get at the gym for a fraction of the price. >> it takes discipline. how do you know what you are seeing on tv will actually work as advertised. consumer reports put them to the test in the march issue of the magazine. >> alex, come close to me if you dare. if you dare. >> what is this? >> this is the perfect punch according to the web site train like the mma pros. what you have is mma inspired gloves with you with resistance attached to them. the ultimate fat burning workout. you can burn about the same amount of calories jogging at 4 and a half miles an hour on a treadmill as you could 16 minute workout. it's not the ultimate fat burning workout but it will give you a workout. >> i should stop doing it then? >> maybe you should. some of the panelists they broke it during regular panel testing.
3:55 pm
a lot of people expressed discomfo discomfort. >> it could be a darrening. >> as far as the workout pvc no real warm-up or cool down. especially for beginnerers may not be the way to go. >> this one, you will love this one. dance on a rocker. sit and dance you can burn calories. >> rit em roshinger work your abs and owe mreeks. >> sit like this? >> you sit dance your way to a leaner body. see how it articulates a little bit. >> you get your abs and obliques going. do dance moves you are moving our arms and everything like that. >> what? >> what do you think? >> i am much more coordinated on the dance floor than this. >> as far as the calorie burning goes nothing more than walking at 2 miles an hour on the tread mill. people with lower backs shouldn't use it. there's no lumbar support and
3:56 pm
medical advisor didn't suggest it. >> you could slide right off of that one. >> probably a no go. >> you look good doing it. you look really good. >> this one you actually like. >> this is the naught lis core body reformer. shipping and handling is free. $250. >> we had a fatness industry expert check it out. they said the workouts that came on the dvd were well rounded. >> i was trying this during the commercial break i find it to be difficult. >> what do you do? >> balance your core. >> you stand on it you are supposed to not have shoes or socks on. we are breaking rules a little bit. give a little disclarm. -- disclaimer. >> it combines yoga pilates and dance. the exercise dvd offered some progression to make some things harder also some progression
3:57 pm
makes the exercise easier. >> do squats at the same time. >> did you say this comes with a dvd? >> there's a dvd a diet the workout cards. it recommends losing 1-2 pounds a week. at a steady rate. that's the thing to do. >> how do you know? everyone is so susceptible. you are at home you are watching tv the ads come on if you call now in the if he canext tooif - minutes. what do you recommend for people if they see something they think might look pretty good and might work for them? >> the best advice slow down breathe a little bit. that's what they tell you. buy now. >> they are going to be around for a while. it's not the last time they are on sale. think about it give it a couple minutes. let the endorphins calm down. this is a product you really need. >> that does it for us. >> fox report with harris
3:58 pm
falkner is up next. with the spark miles card from capital one, thor gets great rewards for his small business! your boa! [ garth ] thor's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! ahh, the new fabrics. put it on my spark card. ow. [ garth ] why settle for less? the spiked heels are working.
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